Serves on various issues relating to Human Resources and Statutory Compliance..

It has a sharp focus on different on-going requirements to implement, maintain and resolve the issues on Statutory Compliance and jobs related to Tax & Regulatory Services.       Read More

Basic Services on Statutory Compliance Management

It is a fact of life that we all inhabit in a vastly regulated world that can frequently seem frightening. How do you know what you have to comply with or if something have changed to move you from your previous compliance to non-compliance? What do you do when you get conflicts between principles, statutes, regulations etc.? What will be your action plans while overcoming the day to day labour laws compliance issues? What are the sources where most of the issues can get resolved? How to deal with Government inspection wings (labour, shop and establishment, ESIC, Provident Fund etc.)? What are the legal consequences and penalties when you face with non-compliance in your organization?
Apropos Consultant & Service Pvt. Ltd. [“Apropos”] is a Service Provider on Statutory Compliances, having relevant experience of more than two decades and varied exposure and expertise on the subject matter. Apropos ensures timely compliance to safeguard the interest of its customers. Apropos advices, defines applicability, provides day to day services on compliance, monitors the compliance, reports to Management - on compliance and on amendments, issues Notifications, Circulars etc.

Apropos entrust and ensures -

  • * Appropriate Authority – State Vs. Central: Under the constitution of India, Labour is a subject in the concurrent List where both the Central & State         Government are competent to enact legislation subject to certain matter being reserved for the Centre.
  • * Object and Applicability - Applicability of the Act and rule made there under, basis of organizations business module and object.
  • * Compliances process in respect to Principal Employers and Contractors:
    •      Registrations, Renewals, Amendments, Licensing
    •      Maintenance of Registers and records and related compliance
    •      Submission before Authority - Filing of Returns and Reports
    •      Display the Abstract of Acts & Rules and related matters as prescribed under the Act
  • * Liaison and representation before the Appropriate Authority
  • * Drafting and submission of reply on Inspection Report
  • * Reports to the Management -
    •      Compliance Status covering all possible outlook
    •      Gazette Notifications, Circulars , Orders on amendments