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Audit on Statutory Compliance under Labour Laws

Ongoing globalisation will increase the complexity of principles, regulations, and the cultures in which organizations operate. Increasing litigation, legislation, and regulations will carry important compliance implications. Ever growing competition will increase the pressure on organizations to enhance productivity. Good corporate governance demands that every organization comply with regulatory needs, and this is not a choice; but the increasing complexities of business in a diverse, global environment have brought the need for a more proactive management of the process.
Apropos Consultant & Service Pvt. Ltd. [“Apropos”] conducts periodic compliances Audit as per business standard and requirements of the organisations. A periodic Audit ensures the non-complied area and helps to grow the awareness of employees’ in-charge of respective business units and inculcates to conclude the non-complied area with the applicable labour legislation and consequently to avoid penal action which generally attracts Criminal Procedure Code booked to the Business Head, CEO, Managing Directors etc. Apropos through its expert auditors, studies the documents, compliances and fixes the probable liabilities, penal actions from legal point of views and identifies irregularities and remedies there upon. Apropos provides tailor- made Audit Check List based on nature of Business and Industries, Operations, Branches, Employments etc.

Apropos conducts Audits and Reports and provides -

  • * Assessment on Compliance –
    •        Under Central Act and Central Rules
    •        Under Central Act and State Rules
    •        Under State Act and State Rules
    •        Under Municipal Laws
  • * Guidance on qualified area
  • * Risk Management and remedial measures
  • * Suggestions to avoid and or mitigate liabilities on non – compliance area
  • * Comprehensive Audit Report